Vicky is a mother who got involved in public education when policies that were being implemented began to negatively impact her children. She ran for public office in 2016 and was elected to the Virginia Beach School Board where she continues to serve. Vicky has been a voice for transparency and an advocate for parents. Her husband is a retired military officer of 30 years and she takes very seriously the sacrifices that our military members have made and continue to make so that every American can continue to enjoy our freedom and liberty. She has been an avid volunteer in her community, serving in the Boy Scouts of America, leadership in her church, and volunteering in Virginia Beach Public Schools. She was also named volunteer of the year for her local wrestling club. As an avid distance runner and former triathlete, she knows what it takes to persevere and get to the finish line. 


Tim is a concerned citizen and father whose children matriculated through the Virginia Beach Public Schools. As a father, he knows the importance of quality education for each and every child in our community and putting students and families first. As an attorney, he also realizes the ominous changes taking place in education that is not only putting the interests of students secondary and diminishing quality but are also leading to the indoctrination of students rather than the development of healthy, happy, strong, independent, well-educated citizens our community and country need. He hopes to help build a grassroots movement to educate families, develop effective educational policies, and help those without a voice have a voice in restoring a quality, non-political education that truly puts students first. 


Paula, a native New Englander, is proud to be a resident of Virginia Beach. A mother of two grown children and a former critical care nurse, Paula has a keen interest in history, particularly that of the development of our great Republic and recognizes our duty as citizens to protect our Constitution. She sees the purpose of education to be that of teaching children how to critically think and believes that should be the expectation of all educational leadership in Virginia; she is dedicated to this cause. She and her husband have recently lovingly restored one of the oldest historic homes in Virginia Beach where they live with their sweet puppy.